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On July 15, 2010, at 44 years of age, Kristen Short was diagnosed with stage IIb, grade 2 ductal and invasive breast cancer with lymph node involvement.  Kristen is a singer/songwriter, wife to Chris and mother of three.  After months of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and ongoing chemoprevention and recovery from cancer treatment, she is thankfully currently in remission. Through her cancer journey, she has met many courageous cancer warriors and kind caregivers and supporters who inspire her and give her hope. Kristen desires to help others impacted by cancer and to inspire youth to spread hope and make a difference in their communities.  In 2012 Kristen made this heartfelt desire a reality and founded Short Folks For Hope Foundation.

The Mission of Short Folks For Hope Foundation is:
* to empower, encourage and celebrate cancer warriors with our special projects:

The Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Team (enabling cancer warriors to experience the joy and exhilaration of charity cycling events with team pedicab drivers; inspired by SFFHF Board Member Vivian St. Onge 1959-2014; initial launch of the Team at the 2014 Dempsey Challenge with event participation in 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018); 

The Hope Bear Project  (providing encouragement packages and Hope Bears to cancer patients to be a cheery travel buddy on their courageous adventures; patients share photos of their Hope Bears with the tag #shortfolkshopebear); 

Wishes For Hope  (creatively fulfilling little wishes for cancer patients);

Furries For Hope  (bringing smiles to kids with life-threatening illnesses with visits to respite camps, charity and community events with Allie Short's Lagoona the Dutch Angel Dragon*); 

Supers For Hope(supporting charity and community events with Ian Short's superheroes, princesses and special characters); 

* to motivate, guide and provide opportunities for youth to be compassionate, creative, hope-fostering members of our communities, and to recognize outstanding charitable efforts by youth; and

* to raise money and awareness for cancer support care organizations with demonstrated excellence in providing compassionate, high-quality cancer support services free of charge to those impacted by cancer. 

In 2011 Kristen wrote and released the song and video "Chairs" about her cancer journey.  The song is dedicated to Dempsey Center, and she donates 50% of the song proceeds to Dempsey Center.  The song is featured on the Dempsey Center and Sea Siren Music YouTube channels and is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, CD Baby and other retailers.

In October 2012 Kristen was named the Amgen Breakaway From Cancer Survivor Award recipient at the 2012 Dempsey Challenge.

Since Kristen's cancer diagnosis in 2010, she, her husband and their three children have been active participants in the annual Dempsey Challenge event.  From 2011 to 2016, the Short Family and their Positive Tracks Team Short Folks For Hope raised over $40,000 for the Dempsey Center.  Adding the Positive Tracks match to that (for teams that consist of 50% or more youth members), they have raised over $80,000 for the Dempsey Center, which helps keep their cancer support services free of charge to those impacted by cancer.  For more information about the Dempsey Center, see their website at http://www.dempseycenter.org.

Short Folks For Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3)

charitable organization. 

Our Board of Directors:

Kristen Short, President/Treasurer, Executive Director

Christopher Short, Vice President/Secretary

Rob McCarthy, Director

Chuck Weindorf, Director 

Josie Hebert, Director

Deanna Pleskach, Director

Emeritus Board Member Vivian St.  Onge

Forever in our Hearts

Our Foundation Assistants:

Allison Short (age 17)

Ian Short (age 15)

Isaiah Short (age 11)

*The Dutch Angel Dragon fursuit species was created by Deanna Biesemeyer. Lagoona character created by Allison Short with Craig Ames of CCS Mascots. ​

Supporting the Cancer Community and Serving Up Hope...Family Style!
A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization in Oxford Hills, Maine, Founded 2012

Short Folks For Hope Foundation