*  Providing Hope Bears and Encouragement Packs to children and adults with life-threatening illnesses to bring comfort and to foster hope.  Hope Bears can be cheery friends and travel buddies for a patient's courageous adventures.  Photos of Hope Bear adventures can be shared with the social media tag #shortfolkshopebear.  

Vivian St. Onge (1959-2014) was an energetic and kind philanthropist, oncology nurse, political activist, entrepreneur, crafter and adept cyclist who lived life to the absolute fullest despite a three-year battle with stage IV breast cancer.  Vivian was a dedicated supporter and independent fundraiser for The Dempsey Center/Dempsey Challenge.  Even though she was in active cancer treatment, Vivian courageously completed the 50-mile Dempsey Challenge cycling event in 2011.   She was a beloved board member of the Short Folks For Hope Foundation. 

Due to her increased health challenges, Vivian was not able to ride in the 2013 Dempsey Challenge, but she was there at the finish line enthusiastically cheering all the cancer warriors on.  Anyone who knew Vivian knew how much she loved cycling and how her heart longed to be on the road again. 

After a valiant battle, Vivian earned her angel wings February 28, 2014.  She is forever in our hearts and the hearts of those who had the great fortune of knowing her.  Before Vivian passed, she spoke to her family, Kristen and other friends about several cancer warrior empowering wishes of hers that she wanted to see to fruition.  Short Folks For Hope Foundation is honored to have helped make one of Vivian’s wishes a reality in 2014, The Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Project at the Dempsey Challenge Cycling Event.  This project enables cancer warriors who are unable to cycle in the Dempsey Challenge cycling event the opportunity to ride on Vivian's Rickshaw Team with a team pedicab driver.  They experience the joy and exhilaration of riding in the event and crossing the finish line, where they are showered with cheers, hugs and hope and a Dempsey Challenge survivor medal. The Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Team presented by Short Folks For Hope Foundation is an annual project at the Dempsey Challenge cycling event since its debut in 2014 and is operated, funded and managed by the Short Folks For Hope Foundation.  For more information about The Dempsey Challenge, see The Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Team ​will ride for the sixth year in the 2019 Dempsey Challenge cycling event and plans to participate in additional charity rides in the future.  

Short Folks For Hope Foundation's Sixth Annual  Vivian St. Onge Memorial Rickshaw Team at the 2019 Dempsey Challenge Cycling Event will be held Sunday, September 29, 2019, at Simard-Payne Park in Lewiston, Maine.  Now accepting cancer warrior rider applications for the 2019 event!  For more information, contact us at (888) 522-6987, email

Meet Hobart, Hailey and Cam the Hope Bears, and Angel Bear, our hope-fostering friends!   With Short Folks For Hope Foundation's Hope Bear Project, we give our Hope Bears and Encouragement Packs to patients with life-threatening illnesses to bring comfort and to be cheery friends and travel buddies on their courageous adventures.  The Hope Bears have our Short Folks For Hope Foundation smile logo on the front and the Short family's trademark, "HGH - Hugs Given Here."  

Shining star cancer warrior Karen was our first cancer warrior to receive a Hobart the Hope Bear in June 2016, and he accompanied Karen to her medical appointments, treatments and hospital stays, and family adventures throughout her cancer journey.  Hailey the Hope Bear was introduced in October 2016 and is named after courageous cancer warrior Hailey Sontag, who at 12 years of age received the 2013 Amgen Breakaway From Cancer Survivor Award at the Dempsey Challenge event for her outstanding charity fundraising and inspirational hope-fostering efforts.  (Kristen Short is grateful to have received this award in 2012.)  Coming soon is Cam the Hope Bear, named after amazing young cancer warrior Cameron Marshall.  We'll be sharing his story and Hope Bear soon!

Want to help?  Sponsor a Hope Bear and Encouragement Pack for $30.00 that will be given to an individual with a life-threatening illness.  Online donations are accepted on our website (on the main page and donation page). Want to request a Hope Bear/Encouragement Pack to a loved one?  Contact Short Folks For Hope Founder/Executive Director Kristen Short at (888) 522-6987, email 

SUPERS FOR HOPE (With Ian Short's superheroes and special characters)

Bringing smiles to kids with life-threatening illnesses and supporting charitable efforts in our communities.  


Do you have a community/sports/theater/fundraising event in Maine that you'd like to have frozen treats available at?  We'll bring our frozen treat pushcart and pleasant helpers and we give our proceeds to charity.  For more information, see our website at  

Supporting the Cancer Community and Serving Up Hope...Family Style!

A 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization in Oxford Hills, Maine, Founded 2012

Short Folks For Hope Foundation

FURRIES FOR HOPE with our Furry Ambassador, Lagoona the Dutch Angel Dragon*

* bringing smiles to kids with life-threatening illnesses and supporting charitable efforts in our communities. Lagoona the Dutch Angel Dragon is an energetic and fun character who visits cancer warriors in treatment, respite camps, cancer centers and charity functions. 

​* The Dutch Angel Dragon species was created by Deanna Biesemeyer.  Lagoona character by Allie Short with Craig Ames of CCS Mascots.  

* Creatively fulfilling little wishes for cancer patients 

* Inspiring youth to be creative, compassionate members of our communities

* Participates as Team Short Folks For Hope to support hope-fostering organizations, like Dempsey CenterCancer Resource Center of Western Maine, Hospice House, Fast Freddie Foundation, and others. 


* Enabling cancer warriors to experience the joy and exhilaration of charity cycling events with team pedicab drivers